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*pulling heaven down*

midnite silent twilight

29 January
"way back when i must have sinned
i break down, profound, beginning, end
head trip, re-grip what doesn't mend
but i'm wishing this amnesia would kick in."
*blue october*

my name is jessi. i am from arkansas.
i'm 20 years old. i work in a library.
i'm a double aquarius. and very pale.
i have a wonderful boyfriend named kalon.
he's my sentimental morning star, morning everything.
i'm a vegetarian, a pagan, and a damn liberal.
and if you didn't notice, i <3 blue october.

the banner picture was taken by mindfreak.
my default icon is from the official blue october website.
the "down" icon was taken from bert myers, and manipulated.
the "up" icon was taken from casablanca arts, and manipulated.
all images are copyright their respective photographers.

Free The West Memphis Three
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